mashup mixtape i did back in October of 2008 ..i consider this my 1st ‘official’ project
Nas’ Illmatic + Michael Jackson’s Thriller
alot of people may be turned off by the concept of a mashup [especially these 2 together] but check it out.
ive heard plenty of people say it was Dope and completely not what they expected..this has been on numerous hiphop sites and blogs, alot without me even knowing [most cause of MJ’s death last year] so this is my most ‘known’ project
I only did it because one of my friends had an Almatic mixtape on her ipod and that was Al Green and Nas mashup, I had my idea before hearing it but scrapped it because i didnt have all the Illmatic Acapellas ..after hearing Almatic i decided to reboot the project and just use the ILLMATIC name but only to associate it w/ Nas and follow the same album outline
i think these 2 fit perfectly together THRILLER is 9 tracks and ILLMATIC is 9 tracks [plus one for the intro] so it seemed almost meant to be, plus I take projects like this as practice to get your sampling ear up. Because your forced to flip something you may not even have messed with, and it forces you to find parts and make loops out of something you never would, so its a good exercise for a producer i think .. let me know what yall think ..and next imma post my BLACK ALBUM mashup EP ..

p.s. i wasnt that nice with photoshop yet so cover is kind of sloppy..but it gets the point across .

About nottheyogurt

"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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