Siamese Spins [Another Throwback Tape]

This is technically my ‘3rd’ project, after THRILLMATIC me and producer L.A.K.I.M. first hooked up and did a Christmas beat tape with the clever title of “Christmas Beat Tape”  i would post that up on my band camp [] next to keep it chronological but I think I’ll save that for the winter and re-release it around Christmas time… Now SIAMESE SPINS was an idea i had for a while but didnt really have another producer to start the tape w/ after THRILLMATIC ‘dropped’ lol a few people hit me up after seeing it on some sites or whatever and L.A.K.I.M.  was like the only producer that hit me up and dude had some of the illest beats I’ve ever heard.

So we start sending each other sample and what not over AIM and then I bring up the idea of SIAMESE SPINS, dude has deep crates so it was no problem for him, hes always digging. L.A.K.I.M. provided most the samples for this project, I mixed/’mastered’ it and did the cover [even tho cats at were hating on the cover!!! lol] Even tho this is a beat tape it does consist of multiple Skits to convey the concept of us being ‘Twins’ or ‘Brothers’ conjoined at the sample lol.  The concept is very simple we take turns flipping the same sample. As w/ most my projects theres a concept behind it and mostly that concept is to progress the ART in hip hop and hip hop production. Basically I dont like when ppl just think Hip Hop tracks are just ‘stolen’ because their made from samples, most of the time ppl that say that are speaking out of ignorance and really dont know what it takes to make a hip hop beat or to flip for a sample, let alone dig for one.  So w/ Thrillmatic and this tape we try to show that its more than just finding a song and looping it.  If u hear THRILLMATIC regardless of if you like it or not, you cant say i just ‘stole’ the music or that making a tape like that requires no skill or talent…or at least some sort of effort lol.

Now w/ SIAMESE SPINS we’re showing you that you can take one sample and come up w/ 2 completely different ‘beats’ its all about the ear of the producer and the vision they have… Now imma give yall a run down of who did what beats…[cause i dont think i did that on bandcamp] these are the track numbers that we did

L.A.K.I.M. = 3,4,8,9,13,16,18,20,23,26,27,31,35

Danimal = 2,5,7,10,12,15,17,19,22,25,28,32,34

hopefully i didnt mess that up lol
also here is the cover i did [my photoshop skills still arent quite there yet lol]
Next post should be my Jayz/Amy Winehouse EP if i can get a hold of it lol then 2 day old sh*t: the beat tape vol.1 [which is a prequel to…] and then NOT FOR KIDS! [the album] w/ mc Pr3ci$e …thats if all goes as planned..

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