JayZ+AmyWinehouse [Back To Black Album EP]

first off check this for all my finished projects [danimal.bandcamp.com] Ight imma make this one quick.. this dropped after siamese spins its a mashup EP of jayz and amywinehouse its only 7 tracks [so yes i didnt flip the whole album] ive became a big fan of short albums [although i support long albums if it makes sense w/ the album ..ex. 3 feet high and rising/ de la soul is dead/college drop out] and i think ppls attention spans are very short especially when it comes to no name artist such as myself..u have limited time to catch their attention [if ur lucky] and even shorter time to keep it.. but yeah this album [EP] came out in the summer of 09 not sure exactly what day or month tho ..Kevinnottingham.com held me down once again ..thanks alot guys for real!  the original download came w/ Danimosity: the remixes snippets , thats a remix project that has been done for over a year but i dont think ppl are ready for a straight up Danimal project…meaning no concept or no true meaning for ppl to even pay attention to it ..all my ish has been semi-concept which i believe further assist ppl in giving it a listen just to see how i execute such random mashups or concepts. so yeah im saving Danimosity for later…buy yeah let me know what yall think …

p.s.  the next post will be a remix album i recently finished its called 5 Star Remixes and all the beats are made from samples from the album Luxury of Life by the group Five Star ..i will explain more once im done mixing it ..then ill drop 2 Day Old Sh*t vol 1 and then NOT FOR KIDS! [Lord willing]

cover looks dope cause i had this cat BQ do it lol was feeling down after cats sh*tted on my Siamese Spins cover  hahaha…but my photoshop skills getting better so beware haters lol

About nottheyogurt

"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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