5 Star Remixes EP [new sh** this time]

This is my newest project, It just dropped today as opposed to my other posts which are older projects im just Re-upping so ppl can hear again [or for the first time]. This is another semi-concept EP its made up of samples from the 80’s pop group Five Star’s debut album ‘Luxury of Life’ [1985] [[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxury_of_Life ]] most producers avoid the 80’s when sampling especially the mid to late 80’s but i was just doing this project as practice but it actually was coming out better than expected so i decieded to actually ‘put it out’ . Even though the project is only 5 tracks i ended up flipping 8 out of the 10 songs on Five Star’s album [the flip test and the outro beat] i wanted to keep the project 5 tracks on purpose for the concept of the EP but also wanted to flip as much as possible if not all, i actually couldnt flip the track ‘I’m In Control Now’ …tried but there wasn’t much i could do w/ it so that was one reason that sample didnt get flipped for the EP lol here are the samples flipped [normally dont ‘give away’ my samples but when it comes to a mash-up project i want yall to know & hear the originals]…

Woo Hah = System Addict

Get Retarded = Hide and Seek

Oooh = Say GoodBye

Blak is Blak = Let Me Be The One, Crazy, & All Fall Down

Move Something = R.S.V.P.

[OUTRO beat] = Love Takes Over


idk wtf i was doign for this cover but it gets the point across…

About nottheyogurt

"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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