Being Patient…

I haven’t posted here in a long time, because I only plan to post when new projects drop. These new projects wont drop until i have the final mastered version of NOT FOR KIDS! on my laptop, because most these projects are leading up to NOT FOR KIDS! which is THE ALBUM been working on it for over a year and its my most prized possession lol Abstrakt Soundz is doing the mixing/mastering and it should be done very very soon! I got the final mixes back a few days ago and hes mastering it now, I had to send him some missing skits and adjust some stuff but all and all the Project is almost complete. 2 Day Old Sh*t: the beat tape vol.1 will be a beat tape [prequel] i release before NOT FOR KIDS! should have snippets from the album in it as well once you download it [from my bandcamp] then the first single off  NOT FOR KIDS! should drop soon after that its titled “Crazy”. All the singles will be edited/censored to further push the NOT FOR KIDS! concept…this is a concept album and vulgarity and language are a major part in the concept.. also I’ve completed 2 Day Old Sh*t vol.2 AND vol.3 so those will also be on the list of projects to come, so I’m going to have alot of beats out for yall [ for purchase or for your listening pleasure …whatever] but I’m keeping busying and working on stuff w/ other artists, me and L.AK.I.M. started another collabo project but that is still in the infant stages, also I believe Aime is using a beat I have for a single on his album, but I’m not 100% sure ..[i gotta send him more beats] ALSO im trying to do a EP with KAVILE which will be a concept EP consisting of all the beats made from ONE sample …its harder than i thought but im still trying to complete it yeah i have stuff on the way ..just updating the blog so people dont think i gave up or forgot about it lol

About nottheyogurt

"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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