2 Day Old Sh*t [beat tape vol.1]

This is just a beat tape, download and enjoy..there is an option to donate, but its only optional you can still download it for free, donate if you really feel compelled to or if your gonna spit on the beats and feel guilty for not buying a track like everyone else does lol but I would of originally put it up for free w/o the donate option but bandcamp is changing its format to a limited amount of free downloads and once you use those up you have to pay for more, so they insist on charging people now..I wouldnt expect cats to pay for an unknown dude’s tape lol cause I know I wouldnt, but definitely download the tape..there is a hidden track, which is a preview of  things to come. ALSO shout out to thegrindaily.com and kevinnottingham.com for posting the tape on their sites..I really appreciate the help. I saw someone hating on the cover in the comments at kevinnottingham.com saying “worse cover of 2010, I’m definitely not going to download this” ..that is spoken like a true hater, only a hater would take time out to tell you hes NOT going to download your project, obviously the cover really hurt him and he took it to heart and just had to tell someone lol but his opinion is his opinion , the cover is made to catch your attention [def could of executed it better] but at least it got their attention.
Anyway check the tape out, and the “hidden track” [once you download] vol. 2 and vol.3 of this beat tape series are already completed but I’m waiting for the right time to “release” them NOT FOR KIDS! is next [should be here the 28th] and following post in the days leading up till the 28th will be about that album.

P.S. hit that donate button if ya’ll are balling lol ::UPDATE::

the ‘hater’ lol commented and explained why he said that..he took the cover/concept as the beats are left over pieces of sh*t [lol i can see how you can get this] but if you preview the very first track you would see the concept is completely of the contrary, the whole concept of this beat tape [series] is taking from phife dawg’s line from A Tribe Called Quest’s “Oh My God” song where he states “you know the style tip, its time to flip this/ i like my beats hard like 2 day old shit” …so with that title and opening track  it is just conveying the message that the beats are HARD, and not throwaways…sorry to anyone confused by that, but just listen to the first 3 seconds of the first track and you would get it..update complete lol


About nottheyogurt

"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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