Album is here! NOT FOR KIDS! its been a long  journey. first off shouts to Abstrakt Soundz for the mixing and mastering, and putting up with my annoying request and constant adjustments lol if it wasnt for this dude [@abstraktsoundz] this album would have never been completed also check Pr3ci$e on facebook [] NOW! the concept on this album. Its not complex this is basically a satire on the state of modern music and media. Instead of being preachy and explaining how music and entertainment today aimed at kids is NOT FOR KIDS! we simply take it to the next level and take the most childish beats/samples and completely pervert them by over using vulgarity and language. This is the reason why all the singles are censored..and  censored in a such a way that it actually brings attention to all the curses that are bleeped out. Today its almost like this approach in media is purposely done..with movies like Kick Ass when you would think after seeing the trailers its a comedy or a movie for kids, but once you get into the theater only then do you realize what your there to see. Also the music played on the radio/tv is completely NOT FOR KIDS! but it isn’t presented in a way that would alert someone to this. You have artist like Rhianna singing ‘Rude Boy’ ‘get it up..and is you big enough’ on the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS lol this doesn’t affect me but it fueled the conception of this album, where we show you how ridiculous that kind of behavior actually is when you push it to the limits. Instead of this music having its own time slot or channel its simply just placed in the mix of all other entertainment and left up to people to decipher whether its appropriate only once their in it. Again this is a problem but like I said I’m not affected by this, i dont have kids or even little cousins young enough to look after, but we figured this would be an interesting approach to an album. All the subject matter on this album is NOT FOR KIDS! and hopefully the first track will convey the message of the album…ALSO the album cover is supposed to convey the album concept [which all covers should lol] most people associate cartoons or animated shows with children, so we simply take a cartoon, something for kids, and have them doing something completely NOT FOR KIDS! if you can’t piece that together you may need a class in comprehension lol [to that cats that didn’t get the 2 day old sh*t cover lol]….

1. La La La La = is basically the title track [even though thats not the title lol] its meant to explain the entire concept of the album and this is probably the one song most NOT FOR KIDS! on the album.
2. Crazy = this is probably the second most NOT FOR KIDS! song. This song is basically what happens when a stalker doesn’t take no for an answer.

3. Baby = this is actually the first song we recorded, Crazy was the second..Crazy actually started the whole concept, but this track got everything into motion and got our ideas going.. the hook explains this song.
4. In The Lab = this track shows basically how every MC gets down in the lab, in their own way..simply taking turns introducing themselves and then getting busy on the mic shouts to everybody on this track Villa,Sah,Aime, & Wah …one of my favorite joints on the album right here
5. Duck! = basically this track is a ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ the line “Do what i can to make a buck, rob, steal, kill at will get a b*tch to f*ck” basically explains it..this track is not so much about gun violence as it is about what causes it and why people resort to that
6. Bad Luck = Pr3ci$e gets his story telling on..i really like this track alot, i dont want to give anything away..but this track is called ‘Bad Luck’ for a reason
7. Mob Bros. = Pr3 is a fool for this concept, he created a whole mob story and related all the actions of the mario bros. game to actual mob activity …idk how he thought of this but this is why dude is on that next level. this is the first song i sent to him when i had no idea for a song concept i just sent him the beat and he sent me back this..probably one of the most creative songs ive heard in a while…definitely the most creative on the album.
8. Not For Kids [censored] = this is made just to keep the NOT FOR KIDS! concept going in the album just in case the listener forgot lol hahaha the words bleeped out almost wouldnt even make sense unbleeped lol but if you try hard enough you can find words that fit. [you have to be kind of disturbed to actually do it though  lol]

9. Coke & Dope = the emotional true story joint of the whole album.. another reason why i am a fan of Pr3ci$e dude will get personal and real with his music and wont hold anything back. also big shout out to Langston Kelly for playing the saxophone solo on here towards the end..i dont even think i told him it was gonna have an MC on it lol but he knows now lol
10. Epic = ….yeah the title says it all…Pr3 just destroys this joint till he is side tracked into leaving lol a perfect way to end the album i believe.. [boss battles are always at the end right?] thats dr. robotniks music by the way..

OK so there you have it lol next single is IN THE LAB ..hopefully that will be on some blogs soon shout outs to

for supporting the singles and the album

and to all the other sites/blogs that may have posted it without me knowing …
this was a dumb long post so im bout to end it here lol …


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