IN THE LAB single [and more new sh** on the way]

this is the 3rd single off NOT FOR KIDS! [the highly acclaimed, best selling free album of all time NOT FOR KIDS! lol]
this is basically a rappity rap track and showing each MC how they get busy in the lab! heres the order as they appear
Sah ril
Thanks to everyone who appeared on the track and thanks to the blogs that supported the album
yall letting a brother get heard.. and basically every who commented or emailed me had nothing but praise for the album.. glad everyone understand and appreciates it.

AND NOW for things that shall be up here in the future
up next for Pr3ci$e is an LP titled Memento (whoami?) …dude is SPITTING on this album listening to it right now actually …the album should drop on Saturday if im correct so come back here to check that out*t is sick .
another homie HL is dropping an album soon too..he just hit me up, me and HL have done numerous track back in the day [like 2 yrs ago lol] but due to school and ish we both havent worked together in a minute..but hes back with some new sh** now so be on the look out for that
And now as far as me [Danimal] i have been working on numerous things..
first im going to ‘re-release’ Thrillmatic [special edition lol] with all the instrumentals [you can hear Thrillmatic on my bandcamp] but this Halloween is the 2 yr anniversary of that album..what i call my first official project because it got posted by numerous sites [alot without me knowing] and if i had this blog and bandcamp back then alot more ppl would be following me [well lol at least know i made it] i completed all the tracks/beats for ‘D.S.T.M The One Sample EP‘ ..i will speak more on this later but Lord willing it will be with Kavile [if hes feeling the beats lol] ALSO i have beats for sale hit me up at or on twitter @therealDanimal there going quick its 2 beat tapes ..about 23 beats they are all tagged so i can send them to whoever is down to purchase to preview them. next on the menu after that is 2 Day Old Sh*t: the beat tape vol.2 …then vol.3 after that but they keep making alot of tracks now so i keep adjusting the track listing.. then after that or between those 2 is Danimosity:the Remixes [its been done for a while but alot of ppl say thats my ‘best project’ even tho  i disagree lol it is good and creative so thats coming once i do a cover and think the time is right to ‘release’ it] SO YEAH lol thats next..imma try to update this site more..also anyone know how to make this sh** look more fancy lol like vonpeas blog or sah rils lol hahahha if so hit me up …ight PEACE


About nottheyogurt

"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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