Precise- Memento (whoami?) LP

Precise new album…all i can say is “woooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww”
this album is seriously dope, i enjoyed this more than the album i produced..probably cause i was listening to it with a different ear and not trying to critique it or anything just listening to it as i would any album i purchased..mixed connections handles the production on this album, and obviously Precise handles the lyrics..and truthfully dude is SPITTING on this album..his rhyme schemes and wordplay is top notch on this album…imma a big fan of lyrics and ill word play and this album is a prime example of how to be a sick lyricists
check tracks like B.L.T. and 41910
even tho he kills all tracks this two are some of my favorites [lyrically]
the tracks get more personal and serious later on so dont think the album is just him ripping it ..tracks like Dream On and MyName bring the subject matter,wisdom, and insight precise is known for..i wasnt planning on doing an album review for this album [at least not yet] so just check it out ..i guarantee you will like it …

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