Projects that have been put on hold/died/stalled

Usually all my post are just when new projects drop from me or the homies but i will switch it up today.. im not gonna start posting ish like this regularly or post about any everyday stuff cause i hate when ppl do that on blogs or sites or whatever, plus im not a talkative person like that  and i only made this site so people who are checking for my music [hopefully theres some] can have a place to find it, since all blogs/sites may not support or give a brotha a chance..

Now** that has never been completed or seen the light of day…
1. Dont Stop The Music: The One Sample EP – this was originally intended for Kavile but he wasnt feeling it ..then i sent it to Precise ..and same thing that doesnt mean its whack i just think that sonically it sounded to similar ..7 tracks all from one sample..maybe that idea didnt go to well with them..and the sample i used was Yarbough and Peoples- Dont Stop The Music …the concept was about keeping the true art of this rap sh** alive ..maybe i should have selected a sample with more diversity to work from but i also wanted the listener to be able to hear and automatically notice the beat is from that one sample..but also have the beats differ enough to give a good listening experience..probably didnt succeed in this but i will use this idea later on in life lol so no one bite this..and maybe i will post these beats later on.
2.Those Sly Devils-  i wont give away the concept of this project in case it actually gets finished but this tape has all the beats done and was intended for Sah Ril [check NOT FOR KIDS ‘In The Lab’ track and] ..but again he never got around to starting it, writers block, various other projects and other aspects withheld this project but hopefully we will have an EP or soemthing done soon cause im a fan of dude first and foremost so working with him is def something im glad to do ..this project was basically for all true hip hop heads and would en-company elements from all classic rap albums and all are favorite albums and only ppl who knew their rap history would get all the references ..its 24 tracks and follows the outline of one of my favorite albums and also samples only one artist[group] can find out by the title who it is…
3.Sonic Boom – i had this idea ..sampled my favorite video game from back in the day ‘sonic the hedgehog’ and made 20 tracks out of it ..i originally wanted to do this project with Aime, the concept was we make a boom! impact [‘sonic’ boom] on the game with this mixtape ..and all references to the ‘game’ correlate with references to the rap ‘game’  there was a track called ‘glitches’ which would be about the ‘problems with the rap game’ then a track called ‘Reset’ followed it , we’re we set the ‘game’ back on the track its supposed to be on ..and then the mixtape would actually restart after that track… but not completely ..we wouldnt play the same tracks over but the tracklisting would have numerous similarities to the half before reset [lol you have to see it to get it] but anyway this is before i knew of Charles Hamilton ..and eventually aime told me about him and said yo i got my own ish im doing plus this new rapper charles hamilton is a sonic fanatic…this was in like august 08′ long story short i sent charles hamilton the beats and he said it was dope and would do it once he got time..long story shorter he never got around to doing it thats how that mixtape died lol

but yeah ..i dont really know the point of this post ..but those are 3 projects i completed that never got finished..but not dwelling on the negatives here are some projects that will be out soon !

10/31 Thrillmatic [special edition] – 2yr anniversary im re-upping this project and you can download it and get all the instrumentals with it as well …this project came out 10/31/08 and i mark this as my first official mixtape

November sometime 2 Day Old Shit:the beat tape vol.2 this tracklisting may change cause im making alot of beats now [got my turntables back working and got to go through my vinyl now..actually as i type this im playing some records]

late November sometime Danimosity: the remixes a dope remix project i did .. i just finished the cover and its pretty sick if i do say so myself  lol


AND tomorrow hopefully i will post HL‘s new LP Growth Love: Theory i haven’t got time to spin the whole thing but its dope from what i that should be up tomorrow


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"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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