Favorite albums of 2010, PLUS 2011 updates/projects

Its been a while since I updated this last, but I want to just keep this updated so this will be an extensive post. First off since 2010 has ended I wanted to list my favorite albums of 2010, favorite albums out of the ones I actually PURCHASED, some I havent purchased yet so they will not be on the list but I do have plans on getting a few more albums from 2010 still. As an aspiring artist I have stopped downloading albums, it just seems backwards to steal from artist I really appreciate and respect and then expect people to purchase my music now [and in the future] plus I try to do all I can to support the artist making quality music, it seems the ‘machine’ doesnt push quality hip hop for some reason [unknown to me] so we have to show that their work doesnt go unnoticed or appreciated.

[i will only list the songs i like and what i really found interesting with each album and artist, no need to dwell on what i didn’t like in a ‘best of’ list]

10.  Canibus- C of Tranquility I’ve become a huge Canibus fan as of recently actually, which seems odd sense he was most known and had the biggest buzz over 10yrs ago, but after going through his catalog I’ve noticed he is probably the most advanced MC I’ve heard and he touches on topics uncommon on most hip hop albums. Although this album was pushed back from 08 most is new to me because I became a fan of Canibus only recently. My favorite tracks on the album are Golden Terra of Rap, CPTN Cold Crush, C Scrolls, & Lunar Deluge. Production on this album is really tight but even so this album is not for everyone due to the complex subject matter and unconventional format and structure of most songs.
9. Talib Kweli & Hi Tek- Revolutions Per Minute this is the second Reflection Eternal album, and like all sequels it is automatically compared to its predecessor. Being a decade later it obviously has a new more modern sound, I will try not to constantly compare it to TRAIN OF THOUGHT but the sound I really became a fan of is mostly on the first RE album. With that being said this album has alot of dope tracks and if this were a debut album by an unknown duo this probably would get alot more recognition. My favorite tracks are Back Again, Strangers, Just Begun, & Long Hot Summer [CRAZY BEAT !!!!]

8. The Roots- How I Got Over the Roots basically mastered the art of making a complete & solid album. Though this album doesnt seem as solid as the Roots previous 2 this is a very good album.  Only thing i would like to say [even though i dont want to focus on any negatives in these reviews] is that the last 2 tracks on the album [to me] really killed the flow of this record, they didnt really fit the sound of the rest of the album and seemed ‘thrown in’  [not to say that they are bad tracks, because they definitely are not, they just seem like they would fit better on another album]. My favorite tracks are Walk Alone, Radio Daze, How I Got Over & Doin’ It Again
7. Madlib last electro acoustic space jazz- Miles Away this is not actually a hip hop album but Madlib is a hip hop genius [and all around musical genius] so this album will make the list. Its a Jazz album that just takes you away, there are skits[musical snippets and small songs] on almost every track so if you dont actually look at the track listing if you heard 10 songs you think the album is almost done but really your on track 3 lol, this is great ‘chillen’ music and theres really no more to say then CHECK THIS ALBUM OUT  all tracks are my favorite lol
6. David Banner & 9th Wonder- Death Of a Pop Star this is a team up i was eagerly awaiting to hear from. This album is very short! but that is not a negative, as I have said before that I prefer short albums, only problem is I heard 5 of the 10 tracks on the album months before it dropped!! lol. Another thing that caught me off guard was the removal of the samples on alot of the songs I see they ended up doing interpolations of the beats instead of keeping the samples idk why maybe they couldnt clear them maybe they thought it made the tracks better idk but i was quite upset they changed ‘Slow Down’  I read reviews were people like the newer version better so its all subjective but to me the original was the better version. Now if you didnt hear the original versions the album may be even better to you but i heard ‘strange’ ‘diamonds on my pinky’ ‘slow down’ & ‘no denying’ when they all had samples, only one i couldnt adjust to the change with was ‘Slow Down’ All in all this album is very good though. I truly applaud David Banner for this album and a conscious decision to ‘do the right thing’ he sees something is wrong and hip hop music today and he takes a stand, just the overall concept and thought of this album deserves 5mics. My favorite tracks are Diamonds on my Pinky, Mas 4, Be With You, & Strange.

5. Freeway & JakeOne- The Stimulus Package another MC/Producer team up album. FIRST OFF the packaging of this album alone is CRAZY, artist need to start doing this more, thinking outside the box and seeing how they can take their product to the next level beyond just the music. Freeway alone is dope, JakeOne alone is dope so together on this album its just CRAZY, every beat goes hard and the Lyrics are on point. Very few things i disliked on this album..it came out early 2010 and as soon as i heard it i knew it was going to be in my top 10. My favorite tracks are One Foot In, She Makes Me Feel Alright, One Thing, Microphone Killa, Free People, Stimulus Outro.
4. Big Boi- Sir Lucious Left Foot Son of Chico Dusty Outkast was probably the first hip hop group i became a huge fan of. They were the first rap album i actually owned so im going to purchase anything they put out. Big Boi already knows how to make an album and his skills and talents can be matched by few so this album was destined to be dope. I really have no more to say about this album lol its just dope and should be purchased ASAP. My favorite tracks are Daddy fat sax, Shutterbug, General Patton, Tangerine, You Aint No DJ, Night Night, Shine Blockas, & The Train pt.2

3. Curren$y- Pilot Talk had no idea who curren$y was till this album, i saw ‘address’ and ‘under the scope”s video on MTV jams and both were ILL  i really like the feel to this album, sonically it flows perfect and his choice of beats match his style/subject matter perfectly. Once i heard Ski Beatz was doing most of this album i had to purchase it just off the strength of that and the 2 solid videos, Ive been ski beatz fan since UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT and this album has a similar jazzy feel. Your not going to get any groundbreaking concept songs or thought provoking subject matter with SPITTA but you get perfect Chilling [smoking] music and dope lyrics on every track. [Im def gonna order PILOT TALK II once i get some more money] My favorite tracks are King Kong, Breakfast, Roasted, The Day, Address, & Life Under the Scope

2. Canibus- Melatonin Magik this is a concept album but not in the true sense of the word its more of a themed album and i rate this album so high based off the subject Canibus takes on for the whole album. The stuff he is talking about I would have never imagined a rapper to be spitting on an album. I learned more in this album then i did in Highschool lol and i really think more Hip Hop needs to be this informative and thought provoking. Now in today’s times this will go over 99.9% of hip hop listeners heads, you have to be a pretty intelligent person to listen to an album like this, not a rocket scientist or anything, you just can go from Young Money to this and expect to be feeling it or understanding it just cause its Hip Hop. This is also information that people can use  [and should use] in everyday life and you dont get alot of that in todays music anymore. There are alot of metaphysical and Esoteric concepts on this album but as i read more and learn more i am finding out that alot of this stuff is true and is talked about in numerous different ‘realms’ from in books on religion, to war, to conspiracy books and even finance books ive read this style of thinking that is the theme of this album is found in all of these.. and those subjects really have nothing in common. Alot of reviews focus on the beats and say theyre not good but they may not be the same beats you heard if you turn on MTV or on the freeway album but i feel they match Canibus’ dark/crazy personality perfectly, and given time will grow on any listener. My favorite tracks are Kriminal Kindess, Hip Hop Black Ops, The Dragon of Judah, Post Traumatic Warlab Stress, Dead by Design, Only Slaves D.r.e.a.m. & Beat Butcha Get Em’.

1. Von Pea- Pea’s Gotta Have It this to me is a concept album done perfectly. From cover to skits to track listening.. everything fits perfectly.  Tanya Morgan seem to have a overall concept for all their work but Von Pea with this one nailed it i think. The flow and sequencing of this album is flawless as well, from the Biggie Freestyle to the bodega to Von breaking sh** off with his girl with the car to the skit where he has to take the subway and the dark/rough atmosphere that creates as a segue into the hard hitting ‘Thanks for Your Children’  to tracks with a young Von envisioning the ‘Good Life’ to him sleeping in class, going to detention and having to change his grades..this album feels like a movie!!! even makes you feel sad for the main character after he expresses joy in his “New Pair’ to immediately getting robbed in the next track, all while still putting intelligent messages in there. The Sample alone on “Get Violated” had me bugging that sequence between “Ahead of Class”s end to “New Pair” to “Get Violated” is flawless and Genius! My favorite tracks are SERIOUSLY ALL OF THEM even the skits serve a purpose. This is my Favorite album of 2010


updates on some stuff for 2011 …

first off NOT FOR KIDS! has made it to another site and got an album review check it out here…


shout out to VisionsofQuest.com follow them on twitter

thanks y’all I appreciate it!

as far as projects in the works/completed/waiting to drop.. I have numerous
1. 2 Day Old Sh*t [beat tape vol.2] is completed [again] and will be dropping middle of this month hopefully, it will contain snippets of my next project as a bonus track like vol.1 did for NOT FOR KIDS! the next project after vol.2 is ..
2. Danimosity: The Remixes this done and will follow 2DOSvol.2 its a remix album with a “interactive tracklisting” as i call it, hopefully yall will understand when you see it.
3. Untitled project with Sah Ril [ @theOnenOnlySah] i’ve remixed 5 tracks for this [that are crazy!!!!] already and we have one original joint complete featuring B.A.S.H. finally tracklisting and features are subject to change but at least the project has been started..but again it is still in the conceptual stages…

thats it for now.. check out Danimal.bandcamp.com for all my stuff and come back here periodically [hopefully i will update it more often and spice up the look of the page lol] ight peace!


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