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ok here is what im #NowPlaying

YES! my man tokyo [aka new school RZA (thats what i call him lol)] has released his album the 3rd album of the “Triple Crown of Rap” [He doesnt even know i posted this lol] but yall should DEF check this out Tokyo is a beast…
I need to post Cyclops joint and Kebo‘s as well, in due time, cause all 3 joints are classic hip hop material. Truthfully all the work Tokyo puts into his work[ART] has inspired me to keep busy with my ART..because truthfully the next project IconoClassic w/ Sah Ril [ @theonenonlysah] was [or may be] my last. Its definitely intended to be..but in the meantime I will have 3 projects drop
Danimosity: the remixes
Best New Artist [w/ PR3CI$E]
Untitled Remix Joint [w/ Kavile] [still in the very early stages]
IconoClassic [i will most likely stop or take a break after this project and focus on different things in my life..but thats a whole different story i dont feel like typing lol]

this project will discuss alot of the topics that were accounted for in my decision to step back for a while. So yeah be on the look out for all 3 of those joints.. Danimosity should be out real soon and then Best New Artist because one is done already and the latter is a percentage done.
So be on the lookout, this site will have all the projects regardless if some blogs/sites post it, even though i know the ones i rep will hold me down. thanks again to yall for spreading the word on your boys music.

..good looks!


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"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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