this is the most this site has been updated in a 30 day span lol seems like all my peeps wanna drop dope music around this time. AGAIN another post the artist doesnt know about but the homie LAKIM dropped another HEAT ROCK titled Angels With Filthy Souls …me and LAKIM started working together back in 08 for a Christmas beat tape and then Siamese Spins [the beat tape where we take turns flipping the same sample] …dude is a monster and stays progressing, each project is dope in its own right, this joint personally reminds me of classic 9th wonder when he first was getting big and listeners were fiendin’ for that 9th sound ..this tape sort of reminds me of that era 9th and LAKIM is a master of styles his Project Mercury series reminds me of some Flying Lotus sh** so as you can see FlyLo to 9th ….dude is very versatile, NOT to say that hes biting those dudes styles or anything im just saying i get a similar feeling when i hear those 2 LAKIM projects to those 2 producers. Music affects people and resonates with people in completely different and unique ways, so yall could see [hear] it completely different BUT again the tape is dope and came out of nowhere [at least to me lol maybe i missed the promo ] but its been on some sites and imma try harder over here to hold my people down in everything they do creatively


check it out


[God willingly SIAMESE SPINS II coming soon]

BONUS       [Stream/Download there]

Ras Kass- Anything Goes [Danimal Remix]

new joint i did ..not on a project …[yet]


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"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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