Danimosity:The Remixes

It has been a LONG time coming but Danimosity:The Remixes has arrived. Most my homies/peoples have heard this album about 2yrs ago when i first made it and sent out the leaked version[those die hard fans (lol) may remember the Snippets of this project that originally came with the “Back To Black Album EP” download] .  The main reason i held on to this project for so long is because all my previous projects had been semi-concept albums [Thrillmatic, Siamese Spins, NOT FOR KIDS! etc…] and i felt that was the main reason alot of people would download the projects, to see how someone would execute a tape like Thrillmatic or Siamese Spins. I figured people wouldn’t want to check for a solo Dan joint LOL.

But it has been way to long to keep a project in the stash. This was made in late 08 early 09, not to say this is whack, actually to the contrary I’ve had people tell me this is my BEST project [and that was recently too] There are plenty of hidden surprises on this album that a keen ear and eye will catch. I hope yall enjoy it cause i know i do [and thats all that matters to me lol]

This joint got pushed back slightly more than expected due to Bandcamp technical difficulties [some still going on i had to find ways around the glitches to post the songs that weren’t working still] Thanks again to the blogs for holding me down. hiphophypedog.blogspot.com for holding me down with the Get Em High Single and for all other blogs that have posted my work in the past [and hopefully yall post this joint and others to come as well lol] THANKS YALL i appreciate it!
#Shoutout to

Kevinnottingham.com TheGrindaily.com MissLs.net Hiphophypedog.blogspot.com Superduperdope.com Hailmegatron.net RockTheDub.com VisionsofQuest.com EarToTheUnderground.net 7thboro.com

Much Love


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"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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