definitely don’t want to come back with a post like this but due to an unexpected tragedy i LOST ALL OF MY MUSIC, all my recent sh*t is GONE my computer had to get whiped cleanAND I LOST OVER A YEAR’S WORTH OF PROJECTS/BEATS/ALBUMS. Aside from actual tragedies i’ve had in my life this is the worst thing that could happen to me.

       ALL THOSE TAPES I WAS TELLING YALL TO LOOK OUT FOR. DONT ANYMORE. cause their gone,or incomplete now. sh*t sucks…of course this happens when i really feel im making alot of positive steps forward with my art and connections, i have just remixed an album with my new group with MC: Sah Ril and BASHIR ..that sh*ts gone. Finished an ill concept album with MC: PRECISE, that sh*ts gone. new beat tape [which i think i posted here before, or on my twitter, that it will be my ‘best’ complialtion of beats yet] GONE!
       F*CK …dont meant to moap but this is the worst thing that could possibly happen to a producer, its the equivalent of an artist painting over 50 paintings and having someone just burn them sh*ts before anyone can see them..AND not even having the reference to repaint them..


as i was just feeling that my production was stepping up to the next level.. But as of these past few years i know things can and have been WAY WORSE so I’m not as upset as i would have been if this happened say 2 years ago. Much worse things have happened to people and this is miniscule in the amount of tragedy man has to deal with. So i will use this as motivation to come back with the


im dead serious i will probably take a few months off and just go hard [and back all my sh*t up way more often] and come back with the ILLEST MOST CREATIVE albums you can[‘t] imagine. save this page to your favorites, cause im serious. this is just a minor speed bump, more like a hill actually and once i get over it i will be going full speed from here on out.

the projects i had ‘completed’ may come out as they are now, unmixed unmastered [straight up rough]
Best New Artist [w/ PRECISE]
SuperOfficial [remixes with Sah ril and Bashir]

the beat tape however will not come out even close to how it was shaping up unfortunately,
 which leads me to my next statement

my next project [beat tape] will be titled

Beats I Lost When my F*CKING Computer Crashed

i will compile the mp3’s i have as they are onto one tape [all in unmixed and unmastered glory]
so that will be the next project to be ‘on the lookout’ for. then i will take a break and focus on getting my skills up and creating sh*t 10x as dope as what i lost [and i lost some GENIUS sh*t]

moral of the story: Life aint about the bad sh*t that happens to you, its how you REACT to it.

these next projects will be an example of “when life gives you a pile of sh*t, make lemonade”


About nottheyogurt

"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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