>>NEW SH*T<< HL- Dirty Shoes Mixtape/ Bashir "Some Sh*t" Acapella Verse


the homie HL recently just dropped this dope tape


“Back with a sure thing is Nap town emcee HL. The show and tell method of beats and rhymes is ultra effective here.
HL takes you on a lyrical rollar coaster with production that was forged in the clouds.
Start to finish Dirty shoes is Post-Modern Art, which will illuistrate hip hop in it’s truest form.

Production from E.n.on, Danimal, Rinzler, BGates & Herman…..
Mixed & Master by Rinzler of End of Line Productions
Black Ave/9-11 Generation……..

>>>PLUS<<<< Bashir “Some Sh*t” Acapella Verse [ya’ll should hear this track in its entirety soon, if you haven’t already, it features Bashir & Sah Ril & is produced by Danimal]


>>>and last<<<

get ready for these projects:

  • Best New Artist [with MC: Pr3ci$e]
  • SuperOfficial Mixtape [title still pending lol with Sah Ril & Bashir]
  • Beats I Lost When My F*CKING computer crashed! [Beat Tape]
  • 2Day Old Sh*t vol.3
  • Untitled LP [with hopefully alot of the dope MCs you see on here: Villa,HL,Pr3,..and hopefully plenty of others]
  • Untitled EP [with guest i wont reveal yet lol..he’s an MC/Producer and he’s dope..thats the only hint]

..so yeah look out for those joints.. who knows when,how, or if all or any of those joints will come out or be completed lol but thats whats on the plate as of right now. As we all know from my last post unplanned for events could f*ck everything up LOL..

but be on the look out and keep checking the site!


About nottheyogurt

"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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