New Danimal Beat Tape AND New Danimal & Precise Mixtape

up first is the beat tape Beats I Lost When My F*CKING Computer Crashed the story of this tape is basically told in the title and cover lol but basically my computer got wiped clean and i lost all my music, and all thats left now are the mp3’s i had on my itunes or that i emailed out to people before these projects where mixed or mastered. I like the beats alot and would not want them to go unheard so this is my ‘lemons to lemonade’ beat tape.

AND now your feature presentation.. Best New Artist is a mixtape/project with mc Pr3ci$e [ @pr3cise ] all the beats on here are made from samples from Esperanza Spalding’s Chamber Music Society album, the most recent album she has released since she won Best New Artist at the Grammys [hence the title] and shocked people for beating Justin Bieber, Drake and others. [Props to her! and check her album out its great! plus then you will understand our album a little more] again the original files on this tape where lost too so this unmixed and umastered, but regardless it goes hard! and this is our follow up to NOT FOR KIDS! so we had to come correct!

>edit< The Best New Artist cover is by Justin Bua and Esperanza plays the upright bass so thats why that is the cover lol if anyone was wondering, even tho Bua isnt a New artist he is my favorite artist right now and i wanted to keep the ART theme going on this album with the cover and skits

p.s. thanks to all the blogs holding either of these projects down..yall dont know how much i appreciate it! Good Looks and all the others that have or may post my music! [I know i forgot a couple lol …]


About nottheyogurt

"I like my beats hard like 2 day old sh*t"
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