Sah Ril- Art, Fear, & Loathing: Back Where The Pain Is III (ALBUM)

Download the full Album and watch Film here >> <<

Now for a quick write up, or should i say “No Intro!” . This album is SERIOUS, by the slang and literal definitions of that word. ‘Adult Contemporary Swag’ is a fitting description and genre for this album, though one genre cannot fully contain this album. As I am typing this I am listening to the instrumental version of this album, the canvas’, and one specific bar comes to mind “I’m Basquiat of this body rock/ defying standards…” These are the opening words to Sah Ril’s verse on ‘NewPort3Hunnid’ a posse cut and the only ‘rappity rap’ song on the whole album, and defying standards does he do. The posse cut/rappity rap song only contains a total of 24 bars between 3 different MCs! Something most everyday casual Hip Hop listeners would consider just wrong, but it comes off as hard hitting and intriguing, and teases the listener into wanting more all the while still satisfying their lyrical needs, a feat very hard to accomplish and a thin line to walk, but it is pulled off effortlessly. I’ve told Sah that this album is CLASSIC as well as  “very unconventional” and the aforementioned bar truly encompasses the overall feel and scope of this album. All ‘rules’ are broken, and not in a “I’m going to break the rules to show how I’m different ” approach, but as if Sah didn’t know that ‘rules’ existed in the first place. I keep referring to the ‘Basquiat’ reference because this truly reminds me of his art and his intentions on doing what he felt expressed himself regardless of standards. The hard hitting, emotion evoking, controlled chaos type beats are definitely an audio or sonic manifestation of a Basquiat painting, rarely will a song stay the same or allow the listener to pin point it’s melody or form, only further intriguing and captivating the listener. Lyrically no topics are overused or repeated and every subject comes off genuine and heartfelt. One of the reasons  I Love this album so much is because he accomplishes here what i try, but fail to do in my music, and that is avoid all restraints we ourselves place on the music. Being someone who always critiques others for being to ‘plain’ or unoriginal I still find myself following formats basically on auto pilot. So for an artist to break those chains and just create the art for art’s sake and for expression I can only admire and listen in awe. This album is definitely not for the fickle listener, it took awhile to fully connect with me, it’s like watching a complex film, the more you listen/watch the more you will understand. Not saying it’s super complex or conceptually far-fetched it just does not give the listener much time to keep up, similar to a Buhloone Mindstate, only after you’ve completed it can you go back and catch all the jewels that were possibly missed on first listen. Like a Basquiat painting there is a lot on the canvas and it will only be appreciated more with time.

>>and for those with short attention spans or people who would rather watch something than read [a one paragraph write up lol] here is the video for ‘Unfinished Business’ again<<

this serves as a trailer to the film so check it out as well on Sah’s website it is to be viewed in conjunction with the album, and it’s just as dope!


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